We're shaping Boston's most notable tech brand


Pre-IPO Rebrand

We defined a new 2.0 brand experience for Toast ahead of their recent IPO. The result was a brand that expresses – not only the speed, convenience, and moments of hospitality - but how Toast's solutions work better together.

Product Strategy & Design

Data & Reporting

Data is the heart and soul of the Toast ecosystem and we supported their internal design team with product strategy, rapid prototyping, and product design to improve their data product.


Product Vision

We rolled up our sleeves and embedded ourselves within the product team to elevate great ideas into a compelling future-state journey that brought the product strategy to life for executive stakeholders.

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Marketing for the new B2B Sales Journey

Companies that best provide customers the information they most urgently seek, specifically through the channels they prefer, are in a far better position to drive commercial success.

We’re helping Panera bring their clean eating mission to life

Northstar Vision

The Future of MyPanera

We helped invent the future of loyalty for America's largest restaurant loyalty experience with 37M+ members. The result was a brand and digital ecosystem focused in differentiation, acquisition, and growth.

Experience Design

Launching Panera Delivery

With worked closely with marketing, operations, and café managers to design and launch Panera Delivery. The result was an effective delivery experience that only Panera could deliver.

Business Systems • Prototyping

Prototyping Cafe Operations

We helped create a better cafe and order management system to help cafe managers spend less time on administrative functions and more time on the floor doing what they do best – helping customers.

Work Study: Panera

Working behind the counter to find innovation

How we’re working across projects with Panera to create great service experiences.

We're bringing human-centered design to a global biotech leader

Digital Campaign

Biogen Options

We worked across insights and analytics to create a new experience that helped patients better understand their options for Biogen treatment, financial assistance, and support.

Branded Service Design

Unified Patient Experience

We simplified the patient experience by aligning the Marketing and Patient Services roadmaps into a new service blueprint that put patients – and their families – at the center.

Content Strategy

Global ADA Standards

This was a massive undertaking to review Biogen's digital ecosystem and create global guidelines for digital ADA standards.

Design & Development (AEM)

Omnichannel Center of Excellence

We designed and built Biogen's central destination for organizational learning, omnichannel best practices, and partner resources on Adobe Experience Manager.

We're building a premium product experience from the inside out


The Future of Connected Brewing

With the introduction of web-connected brewers, we helped design and plan a compelling mobile experience that balanced utility, commerce, data, and brand building.


Lauching Keurig's B2B eCommerce Experience

To know where you're going, you need to know where to start. That's where we came in. We helped create a vision of Keurig's Commercial experience to guide the way for years to come.

Product Strategy & Design

Designing the Connected Service Platform

We're helping Keurig's commercial field team and distributors create a platform to manage the installation, cleaning, and maintenance for millions of brewers across the country.


Piloting Premium Brand Collections

Why buy from Keurig when I could buy from Amazon? That's the question we needed to answer. Our result was an ownable Keurig experience that tied the product family together.

We're bringing New England’s most iconic brand to life

Product Design

Dunkin’ Mobile Redesign

Dunkin' is one of New England's most iconic brands. So when they rebranded in the summer of 2018, we needed to rethink the mobile experience and make sure it created a commerce experience that lifted the new brand.


Digital Content Development

Finding the right thing to say to your customers every single day can be a challenge, but that's what we did. We crafted messaging and offers in support of their content calendar.

Business Systems

Prototyping Employee Systems

We got behind the counter and worked with the Dunkin' systems team to help simplify the management portal and speed up service.


Mobile Loyalty Enhancements

We got behind the counter and worked with the Dunkin' systems team to help simplify the management portal and speed up service.***


Helping Bai own their eCommerce destiny

Bai Beverages was tired of handing off their traffic and customer relationships to Amazon, so we designed a Bai Commerce experience that helped them make the most of customer data and loyalty.

Product Innovation

We helped invent, design, and market new products for a powerhouse in innovation

As an embedded part of the FidelityLabs team, we led the experience design effort to pilot a new product focused on the needs of Independent Workers.

Customer Experience

Scaling customer service for America's largest independent broker-dealer

Commonwealth Financial's success was built on indispensable service, so as they grew, they needed to find new ways of introducing self-service experience that took the burden off of client teams.

Product Design

Leaning into design leadership for Docker

When there was short-term gap in leadership within Docker's design team, we leaned in to provide leadership and design expertise to keep delivery running smoothly.

Product Design

Helping a promising start up get off the ground

We worked as part of an embedded team to design the MVP experience, support Agile development, and continuously improve the product over time.